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Speed Date with Adiela Dramat, Senior Client Partner at Reach Africa

Who is Adiela Dramat? And go!

Drop the T, because I prefer coffee! (Good) Drama Queen of the boardroom! Millennial mom to two boys, who is based in Cape Town. Twenty years of media and marketing experience across various disciplines.

What series are you currently bingeing? 

I'm more into movies; I love musicals and movies that are based on real events. The last movie I enjoyed with my boys was Grand Turismo and the next one we’re looking forward to is Dune: Part Two.

What is the single biggest thing that will influence how South Africans consume content this year? 

The SA consumer is a global consumer in everything, but especially entertainment. What affects how we consume content? Loadshedding, accessible fibre and affordable data.

Where do you see content monetisation heading? 

Across any and all devices. If I need to pick one, it will be the Smart(er) TV. Being audio and sound-enabled via an app and with camera features for social interactions in real-time will lend itself to an enhanced VR experience.

Best part of your job? 

Being at the forefront of digital solutions for ad agencies and brands. Being able to offer the industry something across more than one vertical and maintaining a relevant space at the table.

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