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Viu introduces Scandi-lous new thrillers to its content offering

Viu South Africa is adding thrilling new Nordic crime dramas to its diverse library of local, Korean, Turkish and international content. But there’s a lekker twist: the hit Scandinavian shows, which include the acclaimed Trom (25 June), Snow Angels (2 July), Max Anger - With One Eye Open (9 July) and The Dark Heart (16 July) have all been dubbed in Afrikaans, adding to their local appeal.


Thanks to the success of blockbusters such as The Killing and Girl with a Dragon Tattoo, Nordic Noir – a genre of crime fiction set in Scandinavia – has seen a sharp rise in popularity over the past few years. The combination of stunning yet stark icy landscapes and complex, dark storylines that so beautifully juxtapose a calm and stoic setting with a morally bankrupt and dangerous underbelly, has resonated with viewers across the globe, and now Viu is bringing these twisting tales back home for South African audiences to enjoy.


With viewers demonstrating a growing appetite for diverse and authentic international content made accessible through dubbing – as evidenced by the popularity of shows such as Squid Game – the addition of Afrikaans to the four shows is anticipated to further entice South African viewers.

Crime drama and mystery Trom, set in the isolated island community of Faroes, follows journalist Hannis Martinsson, as he sets out on the trail of a compelling story after the body of a missing animal rights activist is discovered in the midst of a local whale hunt. Was the activist really who she said she was? And will his digging for the truth make him collateral damage?

Snow Angels tells the story of a five-week-old baby who disappears from home a couple of days before Christmas, while Sweden is paralyzed by a debilitating snowstorm. But as police officer Alice soon discovers during her investigations, the family may be hiding something.

Max Anger - With One Eye Open is a thriller about ex-Swedish military member Max Anger, who finds love with a Russian colleague. When she disappears in St Petersburg after discovering something dangerous, Max goes after her, determined to track her down – but soon his quest turns deadly.

InThe Dark Heart, an investigation is launched when a wealthy landowner goes missing after giving her daughter an ultimatum: end her relationship with the son of a rival farmer or lose her inheritance. The story follows Tanja, an investigator with Missing People Sweden, who soon

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